One of my favorite parts of being a music enthusiast is exploring artists that my friends suggest for me. So I’ve decided to put the spotlight on an artist/album/playlist each week. Welcome to my music suggestions page! [New music suggestions every week]

This week’s choice is…. DUA LIPA by DUA LIPA
(fun fact: this is my second time featuring Dua Lipa on this page)

Dua Lipa’s album is finally here! I first heard her music when she performed as the opening act at a Troye Sivan concert last year. I was instantly mesmerized by her confident stage presence and catchy lyrics. After the concert, I looked up her music on Spotify and I’ve been a fan ever since.
If you’re not a big fan of pop music, I get it. Me? I tend to listen to a bit of everything and pop music is included (judge me if you must). Some of the TOP40 Singles are great! Anyways I digress… Dua Lipa writes her own music and her music is unlike anything else I’m listening to at the moment. Her voice will grab your attention and hopefully you’ll be become a Dua Lipa fan, too.
Click on this to listen! 

Past ‘tunes of the week’:

KEHLANI‘s debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE (on Spotify/Apple Music)

DUA LIPA (check out Be The One ) — her debut album drops June 2! I already know it’s going to be on repeat!

VIOLENTS ft. MONICA MARTIN— their album “Awake and Pretty Much Sober” comes out on April 28th. Check out “How It Left” in the meantime.

KHALID‘s debut album, American Teen, (Check out Location & Saved :-))

previous tracks of the week: Liability by LORDE / “Slide“-CALVIN HARRIS FT. MIGOS & FRANK OCEAN / On DRAKE‘s More Life: “Passionfruit”, “Get It Together”, and “Teenage Fever” (on Spotify or Apple Music) / “Jimi” by WILLOW, “Drew Barrymore” by SZA

[flashback week] TAME IMPALA’S CURRENTS (On Spotify/Apple Music) 

DAMN. by KENDRICK LAMAR (On Spotify/Apple Music)




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