10 min thoughts

“it’s almost friday” i remind myself every week…. the thought of the weekend gets me through the week.

instead, let’s live for every day. every day can be friday if you want it to be (seriously).

life’s not meant to be survived. it’s meant to be lived.

find what that looks like for you.

i was joking with a friend and we joked about how we schedule everything in our day except when we sleep basically.

that started to make me uncomfortable, so instead i’m scheduling what i can and not pushing myself.

treat yourself. rest before you are tired.

sometimes i take mental health days to take a break from my responsibilities and instead plan what my week will look like, call a friend and catch up, or watch a movie.

the pomodoro technique has become my best friend in college: set a timer for 25 mins, take a break for 5 mins, repeat 3 more times, and after the 4th 25-minute period, you can take a 20+ minute break.

i’m also in this place of reflecting on this quote i read: “we’re letting things that don’t matter take priority over things that do”

^ reflect on that, if unproductive energy needs to be removed from your life then by all means (for yourself), cut back on some things.

i figured while i wait for this bus on campus- i could type some thoughts. so here they are. hope you enjoyed reading them!

happy thursday!





5 thoughts on “10 min thoughts

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  1. I understand those mental health days. It’s always great to take a break from everything. I agree with it’s possible for life to feel like Friday everyday. We all have to learn to make the best out of everyday and have fun with it.

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