2016 in photos

I’m all for nostalgia and having photos or music take me right back to a particular moment. I like remembering who I was with and how I felt.
I love falling in love with a memory. You may not remember that particular event in your daily life, but something seems to always reunite you.. whether it’s a picture you forgot you’d taken or a familiar melody of a song.

Here’s some of my favorite moments of 2016 with some of my favorite people. I can’t help but to feel blessed. Yeah, some things did not go my way this year, but I’ve still got God’s grace, His mercy, and some pretty amazing people in my life.

[I absolutely love capturing life through pictures. It’s probably my second favorite thing in the world behind listening to music.]


January 2016: Meet Kiera. She’s one of my best friends. I’m so thankful we’ve grown closer through our love for music, IHOP, 80s pop culture, and being sappy, sentimental humans. I remember grabbing breakfast on this morning before I headed back to school since eating at IHOP is a tradition of ours. I gave her a Christmas present which was our friendship book. Kiera started this tradition in 2015. We fill up the book with memories and stories and letters. Then, we pass it on back and forth.


Jan 2016: Carson’s visit to Athens! I’m so grateful for this friendship that’s full of sarcasm and love. Time seems to play no factor in this friendship of ours.

Feb 2016: So grateful for these two. I am so close to both my mom and my sister and I consider them to be my two best friends. I cherish their visits to Athens whether it’s for a few days or a few hours. We always find some shenanigans to get into 🙂

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just UGA in all her glory.


Feb 2016: My favorite “dc duo”. Thank you Dakota for introducing me to this hidden gem, watching the sunset with me, and being so easy to talk to.


Feb 2016“Once you learn someone’s story, you can’t help but love them”  Anyone who follows my Instagram got a Dawg Camp overload these past few months, but I just wanted to show the world how much I love this organization, what it stands for, and the beautiful friendships I made. And also recruit campers. To everyone pictured in this photo, I can’t help but smile looking back at us not knowing what was in store.


Home Sweet Home


March 2016: I surprised even myself by getting a tattoo. I went from thinking I’d never get a tattoo to planning to get this one. Shoutout to Adam at Ink 66 for taking me of care when I told him I was a baby when it came to pain. This tattoo carries many memories and emotions in its ink. It’s a reminder of where I used to be, where I want to be, and this gray space I currently reside in. It’s also in my mother’s own handwriting so I don’t think it can get any sweeter than that.


(photo creds to Kiera on this one)
March 2016:Some friends and I stopped by this fair that’s on the side of the road in Atlanta. We spent way too much money to ride one ride, but we had an amazing day catching up, eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and shopping. It’s not about what you do, but who do you do it with. My sweet friendships constantly remind me of this


my home away from home, Hill Hall 210


April 2016: Met these people only seven months before this photo was taken and during those seven months this group became my home. I found people to have American Horror Story viewing parties with and to teach me how to play Cards Against Humanity. I met some genuine people in this group and I couldn’t have asked for better people to get to know during my first year of college. I may be closer to some of you now than others, but I know we’ve found a forever family in each other. Poppin’ Purps, forever.


April 2016: I got to see one of my favorite bands, Alabama Shakes, in Athens. Brittany Howard and the rest of The Shakes are so underrated. When they create, they create. Their songs make me feel as they feel and this concert exceeded every expectation that I had. I also got to share this amazing night from the third row with some of my favorite people. (and little did i know, i’d get to see them in concert again a few months later)


2016: the year I began the journey of self-love. so far so good oh and  i wrote a blog post about it 


June 2016:It may not seem like it, but I have a background in camping, hiking, canoeing (I used to be a girl scout). I really love getting outdoors just as much as I love staying indoors. I had fun revisiting Providence Canyon this summer with some friends. Also, I always look forward to our road trips because I get aux chord privileges 😉 img_26941

summer 2016: Brina and I would wake up early during the week and play some tennis. We’re pretty decent.


summer 2016: I’ve gotten closer to Margot since we graduated high school which is a blessing because most friends tend to drift after going their separate ways. I’m thankful for you always making time for me when we’re both home, Margot. It means a lot. img_31461

4th of July: One thing I’d change about my college years would be being apart from family.


july 2016: Celebrating my 19th year of existence. My 19th trip around the sun. I had the best bday this summer. i felt so loved plus i ate mexican food so i really can’t complain. one thing still remains after all these years, i’m still terrible at bowling.


Georgia the beautiful


Dawg Camp Discovery 2016: Probably the most fun, emotional, reflective time you can have in three days with a bunch of people who were strangers turned into family. I’m so grateful for this weekend and the friendships I made. It’s truly the place to be.


August 2016: Moved into my very first apartment. If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that adulting is a job in itself. I’ve enjoyed my home away from home and entertaining guests and creating memories in our lil apartment. God is so good.


August 2016: Waking up early (by my standards at least) to watch the sunrise on a special friend on mine’s 21st birthday. I remember us singing along in the car to “Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1”. I remember Daniella making us coffee she put in tumbler cups for our trip. I remember us sitting around just basking in the beauty of a Georgia morning. I remember struggling to climb the Iron Horse and you guys laughing at how dramatic I was being. I remember Tim making me breakfast and the conversation we had about staying hungry and foolish.

I remember having a great day because it started it off with so much love.

Daniella, I want to give a special shoutout to you. You’ve been nothing but kind and gracious to me since day one. Thank you for making time to check in on me, hang out and just catch up, and for keeping it real. You’re a gem. (i also realized we have zero pictures together)

Sept. 2016: Music Midtown 2016. This was actually my second time going to Piedmont Park for Music Midtown. I love music and I’ve recently developed a love for music festivals. Seeing multiple artists in one weekend, outside, with some of your best friends- what more could you want? Okay, maybe cheaper tickets…that’d be cool.
I think one of my favorite parts of the two days spent at the festival was disconnecting from social media. No one really has cellphone service, but we all don’t mind because we’re enjoying the live music. Don’t worry, your Snapchats will still post to your story when you leave 🙂
I seriously contemplated creating an entire post just on these two days. I’ll sum it up by saying: we danced like no one was watching, sang at the top of our lungs, drank delicious freshly squeezed lemonade ($6 a piece but treat ur self), saw 1/2 of Outkast, stood 20 feet from Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, heard some of our favorite TwentyOne Pilot songs performed live, can check dancing in the rain off our bucketlist now, destroyed our shoes in the rain and mud (R.I.P to my favorite pair of vans and converse- it was a good run), saw Alabama Shakes tear the nonexistent roof off of Piedmont Park, and ended the night by singing along to “Mr Brightside” with The Killers themselves. I hope to make a few more trips to MM festivals in the years to come and I plan to expand my festival resume to Austin City Limits and/or Lollapalooza someday! Here’s to my favorite memory of 2016. 

Nov. 2016: My ATL weekend before Thanksgiving was much needed after I felt like I was drowning in deadlines, assignments, tests, and papers. I went to see Troye Sivan in concert and it was such an a great time.He played all my favorite songs and it was honestly a dream. We also went to the Lenox and ventured into the Church of Scientology for a cultural immersion paper I was writing. We spent some time talking with a member of the church and I gained a lot of knowledge. (I’d be more than happy to send you this 6+ page paper I wrote for my class on my experience that afternoon!)


lastly, Merry Christmas+ have a happy new year everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed my Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family and friends. I was reminded of how abundant life is and that there truly is so much to be grateful for. God is at work in my life and I’m looking forward to 2017. I’m excited to write more. I’m excited to share more. I hope you guys have enjoyed my little corner of the Internet as much as I have.

There were way more pictures from this year that i wanted to post, so please hit up my vsco profile: here ya go!

Thank you to all the amazing people who’ve stuck around in 2016. I love you all dearly and would devote a paragraph to each and every one of you on this post if I could. Don’t be a stranger in 2017!

until next time,
nicole 🙂


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  1. I love this book it is so wonderful and I love the picture you tell a story about how much lifetime mean to you and each other ?just keep it up ok I can see you tell stories for children. and adults alike all I can say is that it wonderful..


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