First things first, thank you sincerely to everyone who’s shown my blog some love these past two weeks. 46 people stopped by to read my writing and I would seriously still be smiling even if two people read my blog. Thank you so much for giving my blog a chance.

Today I’m gonna talk to you about connecting the dots, believing in something (and yourself), and choosing joy even in the face of adversity.

If I could tell you one thing I have gained throughout this year (as it almost comes to a close-whoa), I would say I’ve learned to be resilient. I owe that to nothing but God and my faith.

     However, the real obstacle this year is being in a place of discomfort. Being in a place of waiting. Being in a place of confusion about what do with my life.

During those times, we must learn to trust our dots. We must learn to trust that somehow it will all make sense someday. You may have that epiphany tomorrow, next week, or a few years from now. But when you have one of those moments, everything seems to make sense. The good times, the bad times…they all seem to serve a purpose for leading you to your current circumstance.

I still remember sitting in my English class during my freshman year of high school and listening to Steve Jobs’ commencement speech. I love a good quote and the power of words, so I constantly write down things..

Jobs made lots of profound points throughout that speech that appealed to my 14 year-old self. One of which:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust the dots will somehow connect in your future.You have to trust in something- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned to trust my dots. I’ve learned to find comfort in the discomfort and trust in something bigger than myself. For me, I find comfort in my faith in God and developing trust that He has a plan for me. As cliché as that sounds, I believe that God’s making all things beautiful in my life. As I look back over certain periods of my life, I realize that some things were blessings in disguise.

This time of year can prove to be a difficult one for most college students. We become overwhelmed by all the tasks to be complete before the end of the semester. We begin frantically calculating our grades to ensure that we won’t lose a scholarship or suffer from a dropping GPA. On top of school stresses, we juggle our personal lives and sometimes a job as well.

I just want you all to remember that life is bigger. Life is bigger than these material things. Life is bigger than the grades you make on these upcoming finals. Life is bigger than any position or title. Life is bigger than your social media following.

So, as we embark on this journey that is college finals, finding jobs, waiting for prayers to be answered… Let’s remember that the dots will connect. Everything is going to unfold in due time. Trusting in something relieves some stress on our end. So, for now we can just do our best and trust in ourselves. To stop wishing for what we want there and being thankful for what we have here.

*I say all of that to say that I know sometimes anxiety and depression makes it difficult to just let things go and “connect the dots”, so if anyone suffers from anxiety or depression, know that I am here for, praying for you, and rooting for you.*

Let’s all choose joy and gratitude today. Joy when it’s easy and joy when it’s difficult.

The sun still rose this morning and it will still set tonight. The Earth is still spinning. You are still living and breathing as you read this post, so I’d say we’re doing pretty okay 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving.

Eat lots of your favorite foods, watch lots of Netflix, and love on those around you.

Until Next Time,



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